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MetauxCast Top Industry or metal casting foundry

Reshaping the Future of
Sustainable Castings


Transforming Metal  

Transforming Industries

metauxcast steel foundry

    MetauxCast is ISO, PED certified company involved in engineering and manufactures a range of butterfly, check, Globe, Gate and Ball valves , hydraulic components, shell Mold Core casting, injection molding, machine tools, blower, compressors, gearbox.


   MetauxCast is top metal casting foundry dedicated to having a positive effect on both the global market and the environment by reducing waste and delivering high-quality, precisely machined metal castings like 

  1. Steel casting

  2. Iron casting

  3. Aluminum casting

What We Provide 


S.G Iron (Spheriodal Graphite Iron) Castings as per IS: 1865-1991


Nodular Ni-Resist casting(Austenitic Ductile Iron) D2


Graded cast Iron (Grey iron) As per IS: 210-1993


Graded Pressure tight Castings


Equivalent grade of meehanite castings


We Plan, We Design, We Mold, We Melt, We Do Machining, We Deliver

      We offer a comprehensive array of services. Our organization is driven by a passion to make a change and bring our clients' ideas to fruition through the art of casting. Our seasoned professionals are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions, outstanding customer support, and a standard of excellence that sets us apart from competitors. You can count on the utmost professionalism in all that we do.

Latest Projects

metauxcast foundry still iron casting


Our Focus Areas

        At our company, we provide a diverse selection of casting techniques, such as nobake sand casting, green sand die casting, and investment casting, to ensure we have a suitable option for every need. Our top-notch facilities, cutting-edge machinery, and highly trained technicians enable us to produce castings with unmatched precision, surface quality, and intricacy. We are top valve manufacturer in India and we export the various castings to asia/ far east, europian  and african countries.


Valves and Pumps

          Metal casting has improved durability, reduced production costs, and the ability to create complex shapes and designs. The foundry process is highly controlled and monitored, ensuring that each casting meets strict quality standards. Additionally, the use of a foundry allows for the production of large quantities of components in a cost-effective and efficient manner, making it an essential part of the valve and pump manufacturing process.

metauxcast valve foundry pumps


Automobile Components

          Metal casting is used in the production of a wide range of automobile components, including engine blocks, transmission cases, suspension components, and wheels. The ability to create complex shapes and designs, combined with the improved durability and strength of cast metal, makes casting an ideal choice for the production of automobile components. Additionally, the use of casting allows for the efficient production of large quantities of components, helping to reduce costs and improve overall efficiency in the automobile manufacturing process.

metauxcast foundry automobile components



           Metal casting is an essential process in the manufacture of turbochargers, providing a cost-effective and efficient way to produce high-quality and durable components for these essential engine components. Used in the production of a wide range of turbocharger components, including turbine housings, compressor wheels, and bearing housing.

metauxcast  foundryrbochargers
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